We work with brands, agencies, studios, networks and media companies to collaborate on creating, enhancing and optimizing their video campaigns to take advantage of the newest behaviors in the consumption of social video.


We have been conducting studies using innovative techniques with neuroscience to further define the most effective best practices when converting or creating vertical storytelling. We have developed our own best practices, as a result.


We are a production company that sources the best DP’s and crews all over the country to accept this new challenge of shooting and framing for landscape and portrait.


Design is our passion and the opportunity to drive a story graphically is increasing and tantamount to a behavior where you can’t rely on traditional paradigms of audio, music and dialogue to propel the story. With the increased use of infographics and explainer videos, design plays a bolder role in retaining attention.


We use a variety of tools to help optimize video if we are not creating a campaign. Followed by the data and analytics of the known ad platforms.



We offer Neuroscience studies and focus groups, quantitative and qualitative, that measure emotion and attention to the millisecond to enhance our campaigns and educate our clients.