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Vertuoso, powered by Gretel

A Mobile Touring App featuring vertical video storytelling. Each stop on your tour is triggered by "Location Aware" technology. Whether it is a museum, a series of galleries, a historical city walk or a drive through a National Park, new levels of discovery and enrichment through vertical storytelling is in the power of your hand.




Create your experience today!

Powered by Gretel’s technology, the custom-built content management system (CMS) allows your experience to publish content and enable features for different user experiences for before, during and after your consumer visits the location.



The app focuses on information about the location, events and can integrate ticketing services, if required.


The app then switches to a vertical content orientation experience with the spotlight on a self- guided tour. Localization in a variety of languages is offered.


The Gretel technology closes the CRM loop by providing additional messaging to visitors after their tour. Learn about future events and exhibits. 


Easy to Integrate. Easy to Use.

At the location, you have control of what media content corresponds with your exhibits or venues. Whether you are looking for a basic app or a highly customized experience, our team is able to design and create content to immerse your consumers.


Vertical Storytelling

We hold our phones vertically 94% of the time. Vertical viewing has increased 600% over the last 5 years, Vertical videos have 9 times higher completion rates and users expect and want vertical content now. Our unique position on vertical storytelling supports the best user experience. Maximizing the screen and creating compelling videos to illuminate your business.


We are in Beta Development but want to know of your interest!